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Photo Booths for Weddings

We all know how busy weddings can be.  The bride and groom are swept away tending to family and freinds, dancing and relishing in their special day and the beginning of their lives together.  Often times, they are unaware of how much fun is happening around them.  There will always be photos of the wedding party but... what about all the guests? Capture those wedding moments with a rented photo booth and delight in the joy created on your special day.  You will be amazed at the number of fun family portraits, hilarious photos of friends and budding romances caught on camera.

Our photo booth rentals are inexpensive, take up very little space and provide you and your guests with a lifetimes worth of memories.

Photo Booth Services Include:

  • Personalized Layout with a Customized Graphic
  • Unlimited Photo Sittings
  • Photos Printed On-Site
  • Large Interior Touch Screen Monitor
  • Exterior Monitor for all Your Guests to View the Fun
  • Attendant Always On Duty
  • Dozens of Fun Props
  • 42" Width accommodates Up To 10 People!
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Color, B&W, Sepia, or Fonomatic Photos
  • Bridal Scrap Booking Oppurtunities
  • Online Photo Gallery

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